Tagline Box Shortcode

Avada’s promotion box is very versatile and has numerous meta options for easy customization. Insert a title, body copy and a button link for default, or customize it by adding a shadow, changing the background color, border size, border color and highlight position. Users can set custom links and link target for the button.

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These boxes are very customizable with numerous options to choose from!

And it has some awesome features, premium sliders, unlimited colors, advanced theme options and so much more!
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Highlight Border Position

Choose to place the highlight border in 4 positions: Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. You can also choose to not have a highlight border at all.

Highlight Border on The Top

This tagline box has the highlight border on the top.

Highlight Border on The Bottom

This tagline box has the highlight border on the bottom.

Highlight Border on The Left

This tagline box has the highlight border on the left.

Highlight Border on The Right

This tagline box has the highlight border on the right.

Customization Settings

The shortcode options allow you to set background colors, accent colors, border size and color, and display a bottom shadow and set the opacity for it.

A subtle tagline box with a description and no title

An Eye-Popping Tagline Box Without A Border And With A Long Title

A Stylish Tagline Box With A Border

These promo boxes are very flexible and have several options that can be set to customize it for your needs! Avada has some awesome features and so much more!

Use With Columns

Avada’s Tagline Box Shortcode can also be used with columns to control the width and to make them fit better on your website. They are also fully responsive and will look beautiful on any screen resolution.